Tuesday, 26 April 2016


New Attacking card from the new KP game soon to be released on iOS. 

This attacking card has less attack power than 'Moon Hime' but has a very useful side effect. 
"When this card comes in to play destroy one of the opponents stacked monsters"
This effect is perfect for stopping cards like the 'BLKmageBot' from gaining too much of an advantage. 

This character comes as standard in the next game but will be unlockable in future games. 

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste the cards to your computer and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose.  

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Here is a brand new card and a sneak peak at the next game! SocketBots will be heavily featured in KP2. 
This card although low in stack power can be very formidable when all 6 are stacked together. That would mean a combined stack value of 12! With no nasty side effects like 'Parghnda' has. 

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste the cards to your computer and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose.  

Monday, 18 April 2016


Have you printed your free KP trading cards yet? Mine are looking good! 

For the best results try printing them out on a glossy card using a laser printer.
In the photo above these cards were printed on a matte paper using an inkjet printer. If you discover any printing techniques share them in a comment below! 

Kawaii Princess 2 is well into development now which means more cards are on the way! 
'Parghnda' and 'Moon Hime' will both be un-lockable in KP2.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Laputa Robot - Inspiration

Allow me to introduce (although I am sure you already know him) one of my favourite inspirations! 

The robot warrior/ gardener to from Studio Ghibli's Laputa Castle In The Sky! 

The photo on the left is from the Ghibli Museum in Japan. It was raining when I took the photo but you might still be able to see the incredible detail of this giant statue. They wouldn't let me buy him for all the yen in my pocket, sigh*. 

The photo on the right is a small figure I got from japan. Very detailed but so small!! Two of the cubes light up. I think the blue colour (this one) is a limited edition and the standard was an orange colour. In the dark these cubes are really bright! 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Thank You Gamers!!

A BIG BIG thank you to everyone that has downloaded KP so far! It was only released a couple of days ago but there are already so many downloads. I hope everyone is enjoying the game!

The image below is the ‘Moon Kingdom’ background image. It took me quite a few days to get this image right. Space can be a bit gloomy and dark so I wanted to the Moon Kingdom to appear bright, colourful and full of life. The kingdom I imagined for KP is something like a medieval yet hyper modern Singapore set on the moon. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Galactic Kawaii Add-On Content

Kawaii Princess iOS Game is free to play with optional add-on content if you like the game and want to support the developer (me ^_^). The content has three new outfits, two new monsters and 1 meteor shower. The meteor shower is an aesthetic that appears behind the moon kingdom. It does not effect gameplay but it is very pretty. The three silhouettes along the top are the new outfits. The middle one might look familiar?? The two silhouettes along the bottom are the monsters. You may recognise one from the card game??

If you choose to get the Galactic Kawaii add-on content, after completing the purchase, head to the customisation screen and tap the ones you want to unlock. Once the two monsters and meteor shower are unlocked they cannot be removed, like the other monsters.

Happy Gaming!

Card Set One

'Moon Hime'

A basic Attack card to set you off on your journey! 


'Health Card' 
Each player will need one of these cards.

'Heart Card'

Each player should have around 20 of these cards in their deck. This card powers the Attack card.


A really good Stack card. Perfect for starting players.

Card Back

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste these images to your computer and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose.

Card Game

The Kawaii Princess Collectable Card Game is something that will run alongside the Kawaii Princess Mobile Games.

You will notice that each card has an 'Unlock Code'. This code will unlock that monster or outfit for KP in future games. Think of it as FREE add-on content! New cards will be uploaded to the blog and website when a new game is realised.

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste the card images to your computer then print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose.

Game Rules Explained;

* Each player can have as many cards in his/her deck as they wish but they are only allowed 6 of the same card in the deck.

* Only one attacking card is allowed in play per player but when you want to place a new one put the old attacking card in the discard pile and place your new attacking card in to play.

* You can have as many 'Monster Stacks' as you want in play.

If there are any rules that need clarification, please leave a comment bellow and I will update. For now, happy gaming!

Episode 1. Kawaii Princess Development.

Developing games for mobile is difficult because there are so many different kinds of gamers that play mobile games. KP is aimed at people like myself who like Anime/JRPGs and want to demonstrate some epic finger skills. I am not sure what market that is exactly.. maybe the 'Bored while the wife is shopping' market.

The concept is fairly simple. The moon kingdom is under attack from monsters and it is up to the moon princess (Kawaii Princess) to stop them. Except that she would rather use this opportunity to make money instead, as her parents do not give her any. 

With this idea as my starting point I then made the concept image. Some features like the jump pad, stackable monsters and heart attack are added during this phase. In the end result the jump pad became a 'Anti Gravity Magic Circle', meaning I could move it to the top where it was not so much in the way. I always try to make a concept image because this is where all the best ideas are found, this image took one day. 

As for drawing and programming the game took roughly 1 month to make everything. Then one more week of changing things that annoyed me, like changing the app icon and altering the physics a little. 

Developer Note;
This app was rejected by Apple the first time I submitted it because when running on iPad the iPhone resolution was chopping half the top buttons off. The solution was to simple move the button further down. I am really not sure why a screen as large as the iPad cannot display the full iPhone resolution.

Now that this game is completed I will start on Episode 2. What will KP do with all that money?! Find out in the next game! It should hopefully be realised in one month from now.  

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the Kawaii Princess Development blog!
 I made this blog to talk about developing the KP games, show concept images, art, UI UX choices, level design, characters and code. I hope that you will enjoy this insight in to Mobile Game Development from an individual developer. ^_^

Brief background... 'Kawaii Princess' is actually my 7th realised game but I really enjoyed making it and loved the concept so much that I have chosen to run if it and turn this game in to a series of games that tell a story. Kawaii Princess or KP is a Princess from the moon with her kingdom being rampaged by monsters. The princess does not take this matter seriously and sees it as a way to make money (as her parents do not give her any). Within a month or so I will realise the next episode, I hope you will enjoy it!

'Gravity Gear'

Congratulations on finding the second hidden card!!! Use this card with 'Phantom' and the first hidden card to make a super Attack card! This card has a great ability that let's the player direct the opponent's attacks. Choosing which of your own Stacks is attacked is super useful. However this card is only playable with the other two cards.

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste the cards to your computer and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose.