Friday, 8 April 2016

Episode 1. Kawaii Princess Development.

Developing games for mobile is difficult because there are so many different kinds of gamers that play mobile games. KP is aimed at people like myself who like Anime/JRPGs and want to demonstrate some epic finger skills. I am not sure what market that is exactly.. maybe the 'Bored while the wife is shopping' market.

The concept is fairly simple. The moon kingdom is under attack from monsters and it is up to the moon princess (Kawaii Princess) to stop them. Except that she would rather use this opportunity to make money instead, as her parents do not give her any. 

With this idea as my starting point I then made the concept image. Some features like the jump pad, stackable monsters and heart attack are added during this phase. In the end result the jump pad became a 'Anti Gravity Magic Circle', meaning I could move it to the top where it was not so much in the way. I always try to make a concept image because this is where all the best ideas are found, this image took one day. 

As for drawing and programming the game took roughly 1 month to make everything. Then one more week of changing things that annoyed me, like changing the app icon and altering the physics a little. 

Developer Note;
This app was rejected by Apple the first time I submitted it because when running on iPad the iPhone resolution was chopping half the top buttons off. The solution was to simple move the button further down. I am really not sure why a screen as large as the iPad cannot display the full iPhone resolution.

Now that this game is completed I will start on Episode 2. What will KP do with all that money?! Find out in the next game! It should hopefully be realised in one month from now.  

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