Wednesday, 4 May 2016

KP2 MoonBot OUT NOW!!!

'KP2 MoonBot' Game is now available on iOS! Check it out and test your epic finger tapping skills! 

This time there are a few major changes! The objective of this game is to blast as many SocketBots as you can. Blasting 200 will mean you can unlock new customisations. New outfits come with new weapons that can fire multiple shots or enlarged shots. Adding new enemies to the mix makes the game crazier but easier to rack up points. 

 There is one customisation and one enemy locked by codes. I think you know what to do about that...

After the last game KP got rather rich. She used that money to buy weapons and a MECH suit! While Evil Princess used a load of money to buy SocketBots and reprogram them. 

Having a bad finger day? No worries! The in app purchase this time contains an option to add LLOOOAADSSS of ammo without the need to collect it. 3 extra customisations and 2 new never seen before SocketBots. All for the cheapest price possible! 

Happy Gaming Gamers!!!

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