Friday, 6 May 2016


A massive thank you to everyone playing the new KP game 'KP2 MoonBot' I hope everyone is enjoying it! It really makes all the hard work worthwhile when people want to play the games! 

As a thank you gift here is a brand new monster card from the first game.

This card has a sticky ability. When a monster stack with 'Blob' inside it is destroyed only the cards above 'Blob' are destroyed, unless 'Blob' is the top card then the whole stack is destroyed. 
'Blob' the monster card is very weak but his ability if used wisely could save your other high defence cards. 

For example, place cards such as 'Parghnda' and a chain of 'BLKmageBots' under blob and they won't be destroyed on the first attack. Giving the player time to build a response to the new threat! 

Happy Gaming!!! 

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste the cards to your computer and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose.  

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