Sunday, 10 July 2016


Hello everyone! It has been a few days since I last posted because I have printed the whole set off!!! I printed two sets of all the cards. 2 x 53 individual cards + Heart cards (printed around 40) + two Health cards.   

*Print Out*
These cards were printed on a semi thick photo paper from Aldi, using a modern ink jet printer on "Best Photo Quality" setting. It was quite a cheap print out, printing 9 cards per A4 page. The front of the card's look amazing and the thickness is okay, but the card back's don't look great because the photo paper is only one sided. They can also be a little sticky but plastic card wallets should work well to stop that. 

Overall is was a cheap and successful print out! I seriously cannot wait to start filming tutorial videos, matches and card explantations!! Coming very very soon! 

First deck breakdown...
20 x Heart card
10 x Skill card 
15 x Stack card
10 x Attack card
2 x Location card

I felt this break down was unbalanced and my defence was left exposed too much. However, adding more Stack cards limited the chances of pulling good Attack cards. 

The rules have been slightly modified; 
Firstly, Attack cards cannot block attacks.
Only Stacks of over one Stack card can block attacks. 
At the beginning of the game each player draws 6 cards. Whoever goes first does not draw a card. You cannot Attack on your first turn. 
If you run out of cards in your hand draw 3 cards. 

Happy Gaming!!!!!!!!!

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