Friday, 1 July 2016


Hey gamers!!! No cards today, just an update and a Hello to any new KP visitors!

For those new to the blog, Kawaii Princess is a CCG/ TCG completely free to play from this blog! Simply drag the card images to your desktop and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose!!!! 

The rules can be found in the rules tap. They are fairly simple at the moment but will probably become more complicated as the game evolves, so this is a good time to start playing! 

All the cards have been updated with a slightly different layout. 
The cards are still the same, only the layout changed.   

There are a few base cards you will need....

One Health card.
The Health card is double sided.

Heart Card
There should be around 20 Heart cards in your deck. 
The image on the right is a card back. 

There are around 55 different Kawaii Princess cards in the first set excluding rare cards. Rare cards are going to be printed and distributed by myself. Most rare cards will only be printed once or twice, making them super rare!! They will be available through giveaways where I will select someone at random.

As well as posting the cards, this blog offers an insight in to card strategy. Please feel free to comment and let people know new strategies on how to use individual cards. 

There will soon be an active YouTube channel dedicated to the KP CCG featuring videos on how to play, game matches and giveaways. Keep a look out for that!

The cards are not yet available to buy already printed but it is something that will happen in the future. I will update when they become available. 

For now, happy gaming and I hope you enjoy the KP CCG!!!!!!!!!

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste the cards to your computer and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose.  

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