Friday, 17 June 2016


I am super excited to introduce today's card!!!!!

'Knight Bot' 

Have you ever wanted your own SocketBot? If we can't have one at least our Attack cards can! 

This card is basically an Equip card. It adds + 3 defence to your Attack card and stays in play until your Attack card is destroyed. A fairly simple but useful card! There is no limit to these card either. You could potentially have 6 of these cards attached to your Attack card, giving + 18 defence! However, this card can be destroyed by Equipment destroyer cards such as 'Erosive Breath' as this card is technically classed as an EQUIP card. Watch out for 'Erosive Breath', as it destroys all your Equip cards!

Happy Gaming!!!!!!

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste the cards to your computer and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose.  

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