Friday, 3 June 2016


Hello everyone!!! The youtube channel is finally live with two videos!
Ok, ok so they are not KP related but I had to practice a little first.

This is a video unboxing/ review of a 'Monster Hunter' figure I recently bought on eBay for £30. I am a massive Monster Hunter fan so I had to start with this. My voice recorder is terrible and the video is a total mess so I am glad I started with an unboxing rather than a Kawaii Princess match.  

The second video is a little better (not by much) about unboxing a 'Studio Ghibli Laputa Castle in the Sky Robot Warrior figure'. Got it in Japan it was the last one left. I think it cost me around £20. 

I hope you guys like this little taste of things to come! Look out for the KP videos which will have matches, card explanations, rules demonstration and occasionally RARE card GIVEAWAYS. 

The rare cards have not been released yet. It is tricky to make rare cards for a free CCG so rare cards are going to be printed and posted in very limited numbers, some cards will only be printed once, and sent directly to you gamers. Look out for those!

Happy Gaming!!!!!!!!!

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