Tuesday, 28 June 2016



As it's name implies this card is a mystery, a shell of it's former self, a Phantom. This card of course requires additional cards to unlock it's potential. This particular card has the Phantom's Defense, Stack value and has the Attack card base. It's Attack value will be hidden in a Equip Skill card. It's Abilities and image will be hidden in another Skill card. Assemble the three cards in play to unlock the mysterious Kawaii Princess Attack card. Trust me, it will be worth the effort! The other cards will be hidden somewhere on this blog in the coming weeks (*update* Both of the two hidden cards are now on this blog somewhere). Only the worthy can summon this card. Look out for them! 

Happy Gaming!!!!!!!!!

To collect the cards and play with friends please copy/paste the cards to your computer and print them out. Please do not use the cards or images for any other purpose. 

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